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At your service — SV Trans Tour!

Passenger carrier services are the right solution when you need to arrange a transfer from the airport in a timely and adequate manner.

Trips all over the city and the country, both business and leisure, transfers from airports and railway stations, corporate events, sightseeing tours, holidays, weddings… Whenever you need a reliable and comfortable vehicle on time, contact "SV Trans Tour".

About us?

"SV Trans Tour" was established by passenger bus service specialists. We have our own fleet of new vehicles and our own drivers.

For your convenience, our office is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our specialists usually find a solution for almost any customer’s need within a few hours.

Our priorities:

— professionalism and integrity;
— understanding our customer’ needs and force-majeure circumstances;
— efficient performance and punctuality;
— safety, comfort and strict adherence to passenger carriage regulations;
— affordable negotiable rates.

We offer

Always, in any season or weather, we guarantee you timely delivery of our vehicle in a perfect technical and visual condition, as well as responsive and high-quality service of our professionally trained drivers.

Budget transfer or VIP tour?

You will always have a wide choice of vehicles with a variety of passenger capacity, load-bearing capacity and price ranges. We can arrange both a budget transfer and an upmarket VIP transfer in deluxe vehicles.

You can book our vehicles for a different number of passengers for different times of service.


When organising your trip, we choose an optimum route for you, which will be the most convenient and efficient allowing you to get the most out of your plans.

Safety and comfort

SV Trans Tour fleet consists of only new vehicles. We pay extra special attention to the safety and comfort of our passengers. Our vehicles are licensed for passenger carriage across all Europe and provided with full insurance package, including individual insurance for each passenger.

Who drives: the person behind the wheel

All our drivers are highly qualified and have accident-free record. For passenger safety, we perform daily medical checks for all our drivers before going on route. All drivers have mobile means of communication with our operator and have been trained to perform under any circumstances.

When collecting you, our driver will help you with your luggage. Our drivers know their routes perfectly and speak Spanish, English and Russian.

Why rely on us?

We care about our reputation. That is why even the most demanding of our customers are satisfied with our services. We provide you with exactly what you need at a reasonable price.

Our partner and customer network is expanding continually. We successfully work with such international carriers as TEZ Tour and Easy Shuttle.

We at SV Trans Tour will be happy to see  you as customer!

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